Give sense to your holidays by immersing in the culture of Bunong Indigenous People and help our local communities to improve livelihoods.


If you want to know more about what our local community tourism group can propose you to visit check the page TRIPS of this website or directly come to meet us at the Hefalump café in Senmonorom.


2 Responses to HOME

  1. Goffin says:

    We plan to visit Mondulkiri in february 2018.
    We will be 4 or 5 adults. We would like to trek and to meet local comunities.
    Could you please send me possibles suggestions?
    Many thanks

    • Soocinfo says:

      Welcome to Mondulkiri, Cambodia; WEHH Project is Bunong Indigenous Community Eco-tourism Project, it’s supporting and improving life of the Bunong indigenous community, please contact us;
      Email: sooc.info@gmail.com/tongsamnang13@gmail.com
      Mobile phone: +855886136921/+85586711532, we are looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible

      Warm regarding


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